Hosted in Microsoft’s Secure Azure Cloud Service, iGov Services Users enjoy the confidence of a complete, expert level tax billing and collection solution designed on over 20 years of processing dynamic local, state, national and international property tax and treasury tax calculations. iGov Services Tax Collection Software always includes employee access, a customer portal, 3rd party agent portal such as mortgage companies and an app for mobile field employees and taxpayers. iGov Services tax collection software allows you to perform full service expert level tax collection.

Special Software Features Designed for You

iGov Services Cloud Based Tax Collection Software Focus Points

  • Entire platform is integrated with real time data sharing so easily visualize a customer or location and all its tax revenue types history.
  • Live Dashboards display collection, billing, delinquent and tax type specific data such as business filings, returns, extensions and more.
  • Ready to Use Interfaces to import property assessments, lock box payments, mortgage files, GIS location data for our Google maps,  Mutliple Credit Cared / eCheck/ ACH Formats and POS equipment.
  • Easy Excel Template Data Conversion Tools to import your existing data and get started clean and accurate.
  • Creative taxpayer delivery methods such as email / text / and mobile app eliminating over 100 phone call hours per tax season and reducing postage budget.
"iGov makes the answers easy." Ann Chavez. City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Access to Revenue Types Our Customers Bill and Collect

PROPERTY Real Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax, Tangible Property Tax, Excise Tax, Vehicle Property Tax, Boat Tax, Business Materials Property Tax

TREASURY TAXES Business License (various license types), Transient Lodging Tax, Occupational Tax, Payroll Tax, Alcohol Tax, Cannibas Tax, Gross Receipts / Net Profit Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Insurance Premium Tax, Permits

WATER UTILITYWater Service, Sewer Service, Trash Service, Various Utility Taxes.

CITATION / MISCELLANEOUS – Code Enforcement Fines, Liens, Parking Citations, Rentals, Admission Tickets, Miscellaneous revenue you are tracking in a spreadsheet.

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