2016 GovCollect SQL release is here!

The 2016 GovCollect Sql release will be officially launched Oct 31, 2015 to all of our users.  Beta testers have offered their feedback and it is very exciting.

Tom Sturm, head of customer support, offers insight.  “This release contains over 25 targeted refinements focused on the user’s experience.  We invested hours in reducing clicks, clearing up message box text, keyboard tab orders and more.  All items were suggestions from users.  Then we addressed specific GovCollect Wizards for billing procedures as well as the GovCollect New Account Setup Wizard.  These processes were refined to standardize the output to be compatible with 2 wonderful new features;

1 Auto PDF Create and Import to account note history for easy reprints.

2 Integrated Web Portal for Citizen Services allowing citizens access to all their history for reprints and more.

The most impressive update in this release is the redesign and organized reports menu.  The menu has been organized to match reports with specific procedures in the system to make it fast and obvious for users to get the information the want.  This menu fully embraces Accounts Receivable Balancing so that our customers have a stronger daily position.”

Look for more updates from our staff on this exciting release at www.govcollect.com.


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