Division of YesWorx
iGov Services is the web based tax collection imagination that comes from 20 years of successful municipal tax collection software experience combined with a commitment to build a product so friendly that synchronizes taxpayers and municipalities.

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History that Led to iGov Services
In 1998, Capital Software started by Chris Sturm and Tom Vance created Govcollect and began with a simple idea of friendly municipal software focused on two areas; maximizing time and saving money.  Our focus led to numerous awards and growth into 20 states.

In 2017, Tom Vance passed away.  With sole ownership, Chris Sturm plotted a new course of a web based solution sychronizing taxpayers with government in an affordable, friendly application that maximizes green initiatives in delivery of information to customers.  This new generation of Govcollect is called iGov Services hosted primarily on Microsoft’s Azure platform using MS SQL Database.

iGov Services is now offered under the  YesWorx application umbrella of which Chris Sturm is the majority owner.