Maintaining revenue collection is critical during an extended crisis.

A crisis places unexpected financial demands on a municipality so any disruption in the “collected” tax revenue during a crisis can cripple the operations.

The Corona Virus has highlighted the need for a mobile government staff with the ability to work from remote locations. In addition, taxpayers need the ability to interact with their government not in person. Most municipalities especially smaller communities are not equipped and experience office closures, lost revenue and disconnected citizens because of the technical expense.

As we deal with this virus crisis, please consider researching for your upcoming budget, an affordable Web Based municipal collection system like iGov Services ( The system allows taxpayers to file and pay any of your fees and municipal employees to perform their duties from any location. This is a full system with 20 years municipal experience.

Let’s learn thru this crisis and please just consider iGov Services municipal tax collection software as an affordable web based solution providing access for taxpayers, in office and remote municipal staff for all your tax collection needs.