iGov Services

Welcome to iGov Services, the next generation of GovCollect, local government software. iGov Services provides web-based revenue collection software that eliminates over 100 hours in phone calls per year. Empowering the taxpayer is the foundation to great collections. Our software enables your team to stop pushing papers and focus on enforcement. That increases collection rates for property taxes, business filed taxes like lodging, insurance premiums, sales, Gross/Net, alcohol and more.

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Revenue Dashboard

Would you enjoy seeing real time collection data from this dashboard so you are always on top of your revenue collection for all types of revenue.

Business Filings Dashboard

Would you like to see in real time how many businesses for every type of revenue have filed their data and even paid. Let’s push a button and send them a notification by email or text that their business filing is due or even Delinquent. Think about how much money your city will save in postage. Real time enforcement instead of pushing paper!

Tax Payer and Business Portal

Let tax payers and businesses search public data in the self service portal accessing payment receipts, bills, statements for closings and more. Expand features with secure login, allowing utility and business customers to access their private data. All of this is in real time so if the customer pays online, it updates automatically for employees and makes daily balancing easy.

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