iGov Services Pricing for Municipal Tax Collection

Pricing is meant to be easy and friendly. With 20 years of municipal pricing experience, our customers and our team worked together to create a pricing plan that is accessible for each level of municipal government.  Contact us to Schedule your demo and quote.

Traditional: Customers pay for software and project services as they occur in the getting started portion of the project.  Software License modules are very affordable.


Saas: This pricing model is a simple monthly amount that includes all software usage, support services and Microsoft Azure Hosting.   This model is available if using our hosting services active in 2020.

Other amounts involved in a project.

Other standard project pricing includes additional networked users, support services, data conversion, interfaces and training.  All of these items are within your control.

We know the pricing is extremely reasonable. We can maintain this price point because we have standardized the process and the steps that you will follow to success.  We have performed projects in over 20 states and internationally.  We personalize, not customize. That saves you time and money and protects your investment.


Direct – You can purchase directly through us.

CDW – If your organization has an existing agreement with CDW, you can purchase through that contract.

RFP – If your project requires an RFP, then we can participate in that process.  We only participate in RFPs that our software was part of the evaluation prior to the release of the RFP so we have the opportunity to get to know the prospect.