Property Tax Billing Software


iGov Services Property Tax solution is an all-in-one property tax billing and property tax collection system for real estate property, tangible personal property, business property, vehicles, excise, securities, and boats. We designed a software system to maximize productivity, manage risks, and deliver expert level results.

Property Taxes are often billed or collected by different departments and iGov possesses the unique features needed by property tax collectors such as:

  • City Level
  • County Level
  • Elected Tax Collectors
  • Sheriffs
  • Fire Districts
  • Indian Tribes
  • Independent Delinquent Tax Collectors such as Law Firms
  • International Emerging Government Agencies

iGov Services Property Tax Billing and Collection Cloud Based Software includes all the features needed to be successful and deliver results.

  • Dashboards to analyze Billing, Collections and Delinquents for easy audits of starting, collections and ending values.
  • Assessment Import Wizard for annual and supplemental assessment data.
  • Integrated Mortgage features for tagging, bill files and combined payment file / single check import.
  • Taxpayer public and private portal for history, bills and receipts.
  • Email / text / web access to payoff statements and history saving 100s of phone hours and postage.
  • Complete Collection automation
  • Delinquent processing including automated penalty / interest and custom calculation rates.
  • Sheriff Tax Sale processing plus audit / case controls
  • Payment plans fully automated

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iGov Services Property Tax Cloud Based Tax Billing Software Focus Points

  • Entire platform is integrated with real time data sharing so easily visualize a customer or location and all its property tax history.
  • Business Taxpayer portal includes dynamic “New Application” sign up and multiple department approval providing a full audit trail and eliminating employees keying data.
  • Taxpayer portal includes full history access, the ability to display/print tax bills and payment receipts.
  • 3rd Party Agent portal allows mortgage companies, attorneys and more to access special features for tax bills, payoff statements and history.
  • Live Dashboards display collection, billing, delinquent and tax type specific data analytics.
  • Ready to Use Interfaces to import assessments, mortgage property tagging, lock box files, GIS location data for our Google maps,  Mutliple Credit Cared / eCheck/ ACH Formats and POS equipment.
  • Easy Excel Template Data Conversion Tools to import your existing data and get started clean and accurate.
  • Creative taxpayer delivery methods such as email / text / and mobile app eliminating over 100 phone call hours per tax season and reducing postage budget.

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