Utility Billing

Setup an unlimited number of metered and unmetered services like water, sewer, gas, electric, refuse, street lights and phone service, create utility billing customers and assign them to property locations, mail and online search and payment of utility services, attach documents to each account and real time delinquent collection with online convenience.Since 1998, GovCollect has simplified metered water utility billing collection software making water utility billing friendly and affordable for every community including counties, cities and towns.  The water utility billing module is used in over 20 states, Canada and is now expanding internationally thanks to its ease of use, unmatched built-in calculation features and reliable performance.  The water utility billing software integrates every national meter reading device like Itron, Badger, Sensus, and Neptune using radio, touch and telephone reading formats.  GovCollect utility billing is the only system that allows the user to setup flat and variable utility rates in minutes and begin billing and collection utility revenue.  The system manages meter deposits and can apply interest when the amount is returned to the customer.  GovCollect water utility billing makes rate changes easy by simply entering the new amount and the date range when the new rate goes into effect.  Move Ins / Finals / Shutoffs are all functions and reporting to track it all.  Attach other utility services to an account like sewer, gas, sales tax, utility tax and more.  Plus define as many readings cycles as you want to stay organized.   Generate postcard or statement style bills while tracking and enforcing all delinquent charges.GovCollect water utility billing software starts at $1795 so it is in use by towns sending 100 to 10,000 utility bills.  GovCollect is a water utility billing solution that will interface with any accounting software you currently use.  The process is simple, repeatable and reliable.  CONTACT US for a detailed PDF or Demo.GovCollect features specific to Utility Billing Software Module


Utility Features


Metered Services like Water and Gas plus Sewer Based on Water

Unlimited Unmetered Services like Trash, Lights, Phone and More Unlimited Water Services per Account
AMR Interface with all National Brands like Badger and Neptune Unlimited Reading History and Auto Estimation Feature

Sub Meter / Apartment Billing

Meter Deposits and Interest

Customer / Location History Easy Final Out Process
Move In Account Wizard Account Number Separate from Route / Sequence for Flexibility

Work Orders are User Defined

Unlimited Routes and Cycles

Easy Change out Process Tenant Number Tracking
Snow Bird Billing Controls Seasonal Charges

GIS Interface


Features Included in All GovCollect Modules


Unlimited Customer History

Unlimited Location Activity History

Statistical Reporting in Real Time

User Defined Search -15 Standard

Print / Email Account Activity Unlimited Notes with Attachments
Security Roles for Users Over 60 Ready to Use Reports

Google Maps Display(Next release)

Customer Link to all revenue types

Export to Query, Excel, XML, etc. Effective Dating for Future Payoffs
Unlimited Rate Codes Pre and Post Payment Adjustments

AR Based Reporting for Start / End

Account Numbers by Tax Type

Receipt Numbers by Tax Type Bill Numbers by Tax Type
Export Balanced Entries to any Accounting Software Event Log Tracking Account Changes

Auditor Access Area with Special Reports


Billing Features


Billing Wizard for Large Tax Processing Runs

Individual Invoice / Bill Creation on the Fly

Invoice Number Assigned to Charge Lines for History

Print Bills Separate from Applying Charges for User Control

Print or Export Billing File to a 3rd Party for Printing Detail and Summary Billing Journals
Personalized Statements per Tax / Revenue Type are Available Postcard and Statement Style Formats Included.

Cass Data Certification for Postage Savings Including Bar Codes

Specific Tax Assessment Data can be Displayed on Statements

Specific Tax District  Data is Displayed on Statements Specific Permit, Tax, and Fee Data can be Displayed on Statements
Citizen Email / Bill Notification Online Viewing of Bill / Charges

Forms can be Designed to match a State Required Form


Collection Features


Total Due Automatically Calculated

Penalty and Interest Automatic Discount On/Off Automatic

Partial Payments

Back Dated Payments

Accept Cash, Check and Credit Card

Real Time Counter Entry Mailed in Batch Entry Process

Bar Code Scanning for speed

Accept Payments Online and IVR

Split Payment Methods Easy Session Balancing
Receive Overpayment Credits Apply Credits to Total Due

Write-off Balance with Audit trail

Automatic Payment Reversal Void

Auto Post Payment Adjustment Process Miscellaneous Revenue
Payment Receipt with Your Logo Reprint any Receipt in History

Import Mortgage Payment Files

Point of Sale Equipment

Scan, Swipe and Print for Speed Import Bank Lock Box Files
Balanced Payments Distributed to Accounting Software GL Numbers Already Assigned Making Easy for User

Create Deposit Entry from Balanced Session

Widely acknowledged as the most versatile business license collection software automation system, GovCollect water utility license billing software is uniquely designed to collect licenses and earnings based taxes in the same system.  It enables a single account to track an unlimited number of licenses and taxes which turns billing into a concise series of repeatable steps.

  • Assign multiple metered and unmetered services to a customer record.
  • Every charge contains unique due, start, end, past due dates for absolute accuracy and independent calculations.
  • Save at least 1 month of processing time by allowing online customer filing.
  • GovCollect Water Utility Billing is completely integrated with all GovCollect tax modules so information can be shared across the entire organization.
  • Save 4 weeks worth of phone calls with the GovCollect Internet tax search and payment solution.
  • GovCollectwater utility billing software® enjoys dynamic parameter driven calculation flexibility, which allows it to operate in all 50 states and internationally. GovCollect automatically handles difficult states such as VA, MA, WI, KY, GA and TX.
  • PDF driven billing files allow easy outsourced printing and reprinting of tax forms on demand.

GovCollect water utility billing software is used by municipal operations (town and city) all over the world.  The GovCollect water utility billing software possesses the functions necessary for complete tax district distribution payout management and is installed as a complete bundle including the software, support, internet Search and Pay website, IVR phone system payments and more. The GovCollect water utility billing software is scalable to your organization and affordably integrated into any current MS Windows environment.

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