Utility Billing

Utility Billing with iGov Services is the simplified water billing solution that reduces your workload to create a connected citizen relationship.

iGov Services utility billing is the only system that allows the user to setup flat and variable utility rates in minutes and begin billing and collection utility revenue.  The system manages meter deposits and can apply interest when the amount is returned to the customer.  iGov water utility billing makes rate changes easy by simply entering the new amount and the date range when the new rate goes into effect.  Move Ins / Finals / Shutoffs are all functions and reporting to track it all.  Attach other utility services to an account like sewer, gas, sales tax, utility tax and more.  Plus define as many readings cycles as you want to stay organized.


  • Assign multiple metered and unmetered services to a customer record.
  • AMR Interface with all National Brands like Badger and Neptune and GIS Interface
  • Every charge contains unique due, start, end, past due dates for absolute accuracy and independent calculations.
  • Save at least 1 month of processing time by allowing online customer filing.
  • Customer / Location History and Work Orders are User Defined
  • Account Number Separate from Route / Sequence for Flexibility
  • Unlimited Reading History and Auto Estimation Feature
  • GovCollect Water Utility Billing is completely integrated with all GovCollect tax modules so information can be shared across the entire organization.
  • GovCollectwater utility billing software® enjoys dynamic parameter driven calculation flexibility, which allows it to operate in all 50 states and internationally. GovCollect automatically handles difficult states such as VA, MA, WI, KY, GA and TX.
  • PDF driven billing files allow easy outsourced printing and reprinting of tax forms on demand.

The software is priced affordably offering a municipality the opportunity to improve their Taxpayer services while maximizing compliance efforts

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