iGov Services Powered by MS Azure Cloud

iGov Services hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud service is a complete win for customers. The following information is written completely “non geek” so new users can easily digest the positive impact iGov on the cloud makes.

1.       Money – Customers are saving thousands of dollars immediately because they don’t have to pay for a license and installation.   Their money is invested into their people in training.

2.       Confidence and Responsibility – Microsoft’s Cloud is doing all the maintenance like backups, security, bandwidth, uptime.

3.       Private Setup – Every iGov customer has their own private virtual server and database so they are not sharing data.  Plus full SHA-2 level security and SSL encryption.

4.       Getting Started – Customers can start configuring their software immediately instead of the old wait weeks for installation and planning meetings.

Here is a list of many benefits

  • Microsoft Cloud 99.99% uptime
  • Google Mapping of Properties
  • Automatic Backups
  • Fast Bandwidth
  • Secure SSL Encryption
  • Access from any Internet Device
  • Taxpayer portal for property taxes, business taxes and utilities
  • 3rd Party Access eliminating over 100 hours of phone calls
  • Multi secure employee access from anywhere with Google Captcha
  • Android and Iphone Mobile iGov app
  • Integrated Credit Card and echeck customer payment options with convenience fee so City collect 100% of revenue
  • Access for “In the Field” employees
  • eBills and eReceipts saving thousands in postage
  • Online Business Filed taxes and eBusiness License delivery / reprint
  • Software Product Updates
  • Full Tech Support and Training Video Access in the software
  • Process all your revenue through iGov

*some features only exist on iGov Azure hosted platform.  Customers hosting iGov on their own server may experience limitations.

This setup is saving every customer considerable money and time while providing a better experience for the users and the citizens.

We encourage you to participate in a real demonstration with our team.