Eliminate 100 Hours of Phone Calls

Access Answers

Govcellect is Web Based for your Taxpayers so they can access answers 24/7.

The average phone call lasts 15 minutes after you chase down the answers and get back to the taxpayer, business, mortgage company, title company, etc. Govcollect has proven to save over 100 hours per year of phone calls by giving taxpayers answers online.

Govcollect Taxpayers have immediate access to:

  • Pay a Tax Bill and Print a Receipt
  • Reprint Old Receipts
  • Print a Future Payoff Statement
  • Print an Instant History Statement
  • Reprint a Bill
  • View Account History
  • File a Business Tax Return

These are great features for the Taxpayer but why is it great for municipal staff?

  • Actions are in Real time so payments update instantly with no rekeying of information.
  • Save thousands per year in postage and supplies.
  • Shift your office to enforcement instead of pushing paper.

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