GIS Mapping with iGovServices

iGovServices recognizes the desire to combine visual and statistical data.  We are also aware of the financial constraints many of our customers face so we have created multiple mapping interfaces so every client has the ability to visually display their data.  Customers can display their data in the following methods.

1) Use the existing Google Maps interface existing inside the iGovServices product.

2) Queries created in iGovServices that can be run anytime and displayed in multiple programs such as Microsoft MapPoint.

3) Database link from high-end products such as ESRI, accessing stored queries to retrieve the desired data and visually present it in ESRI.  This enables you to sync our location table with ESRI-maintained data.

Property Tax Billing
Visual Control of Your Real and Personal Property Tax Billing

Mobile Handheld Devices

Utility Meter Reading – The iGovServices product has many standard AMR device interfaces with companies like Neptune, Sensus, Badger, Ramar, and ITRON.

Mobile Payment Receipt Processing – Want to process payments and issue receipts in the field but are worried about Internet access in the field, iGov Services has a mobile solution excellent for citations, permits, licensing, and more.  Tested in various geographic conditions throughout the United States and Eastern Africa, this solution is rugged, easy to use, and syncs with your normal iGov system live in real-time through web-based service.  Contact us to see this exciting all-in-one device INCLUDING the printer.

Point of Sale Equipment (POS) – iGov Services software integrates the latest in PCI-compliant equipment for fast processing.  The most affordable is the all-in-one set with a scanner, cash drawer, swipe keyboard, pole display, and thermal receipt printer.  Other devices can easily be interfaced as well.

Accounting Software Interface – This is a standard portion of our software included with each purchase.  The ability to easily transfer balanced deposits and AR data is standard.

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