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iGovServices is a web-based tax collection solution, deriving from 20 years of successful municipal tax collection software experience. This system combines our commitment to user-friendliness with advanced technology, effectively facilitating synchronization between taxpayers and municipalities.

Capital Software was established in 1998 by Chris Sturm and Tom Vance. They introduced GovCollect, a user-friendly municipal software system, with a straightforward concept centered on two crucial aspects: maximizing time efficiency and saving money. This focus led to multiple accolades and expansion into 20 states.

History that Led to iGovServices

In 2017, Tom Vance sadly passed away. With sole ownership, Chris Sturm charted a new path towards a web-based solution, aimed at aligning taxpayers and government operations. This affordable, user-friendly application prioritizes eco-friendly initiatives in the delivery of information to customers. This innovative evolution of GovCollect is called iGovServices. Primarily hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform, it leverages the power of the MS SQL Database.

About YesWorx – Software Publisher & Solution Provider

Our Goal is to “Make it Obvious”

Choosing a solution provider can be a complex decision, but at YesWorx, our unique approach sets us apart. Our philosophy, “make it obvious,” influences every facet of our operations – from devising solutions to drafting documentation, right through to logging support tickets. We hold a strong belief that the most fulfilling experience doesn’t just stop at the execution of an initial solution. It continues, shaping a lasting relationship where we act as not just a solution provider, but as a partner and an integral extension of your team.

YesWorx has earned a nationwide reputation as a software solution publisher with a specialty in revenue collection solutions, serving both public sector entities and private sector organizations. iGovServices and VLawCiti are a mere glimpse into our dedication towards furnishing our clients with solutions that are both powerful and streamlined to their requirements. Are you in search of a tailored solution? YesWorx is prepared to meet your needs through custom development projects. We have joined forces with the Microsoft Azure platform, promising our customers unwavering reliability, absolute dependability, enhanced flexibility, and boundless scalability.

Our Mission

With a combined experience spanning over thirty years in leadership roles and successful crafting and application of software solutions for government bodies, we stand out. Our dedication lies in enlightening this sector, delivering insights based on solid data and fresh concepts. Our aim is to instigate change and inspire innovation within the realm of government, steering towards solutions that are not just efficient and effective, but also provide substantial cost savings.

Quick Facts About YesWorx and Our Customers

$1.5 Billion

What Our Customers Bill Their Citizens Annually

1.5 Million

Bills Issued from YesWorx Solutions Annually


YesWorx Supported Customers Annually

We Handle All Aspects of Programming, Custom Solution Development, & Deployment

Programming/Solution Development

Our team of experts will successfully handle all aspects of solution development and integration to meet your unique requirements and streamline the process.

Mobile App Development

We can support app development for both Apple and Android devices. We focus on design and overall user experience and ensure smooth deployment and ongoing support.

Microsoft Azure – Cloud Computing

From configuration to deployment, our team will implement, support, monitor, and adjust your Microsft Azure configuration to maximize performance and optimize end-user experience.

Documentation & Training Portal Development

Our Technical Writing Team supports all aspects of documentation including backend configuration, coding configuration, end-user documentation, and process documentation.

Management Consulting

Thinking about a process? Looking for recommendations? Need guidance from a senior management team with over 100 combined years of process improvement experience? We are the team for you!

Project Management

Our project managers not only support our internal projects but also manage our system implementations and will help you manage your projects as an outsourced project manager.

Our Experienced Senior Management Team

Our Senior Management Team comes with 25 years of hands-on experience in building, putting into action, and joining together different systems. They know the problems we face and how the environment is changing, especially when it comes to moving to the cloud, updates in the best ways to train, and the ins and outs of creating successful businesses. They gained this know-how from setting up many companies and service agencies throughout their careers.

Chris Sturm
Founder & CEO

Dennis McGovern