Treasury Solutions

iGov Services Treasury solution is an all-in-one business tax filing, billing and tax collection system for multiple revenue collection types. We designed a software system to maximize productivity, manage risks, and deliver expert level results.

Treasury (often included in the Finance Department) refers to the tax revenue collection duties performed by a government entity (local, state, federal levels).  This department can be responsible for collecting multiple types of revenue within one department such as Property Tax, Business Taxes (business license, occupational tax, payroll tax, transient lodging tax, sales tax) and miscellaneous revenue (fines and fees). 

Often Treasury Departments fall into 2 existing software categories:

1.    You are using a program that was part of a full ERP Financial system replacement, so it isn’t versatile to handle the different nuances of your tax types.

2.    You are using a bunch of different pieces to try and track the various types of tax revenue collected and you are tired on not being able to see the big revenue picture of your customers.

iGov Solution – Designed to Scale with you.

IGov Cloud based Tax Collection software is focused on tax billing and collections.  It is fast to configure and begin processing.  iGov integrates with existing Accounting systems.  Frequently, Treasury Departments will implement iGov to solve an immediate need such as Transient Lodging Taxes.  Then they add additional types of revenue through iGov for a smooth transition.  The key to this success is great product design based upon over 20 years of real government tax processing experience.

We encourage you to participate in a real demonstration with our team.

Treasury revenue billing and collecting solutions:

Taxpayer Portal to File Taxes
Taxpayer Portal to File Taxes

iGov Services Treasury Department Cloud Based Tax Collection Software Focus Points

  • Entire platform is integrated with real time data sharing so easily visualize a customer or location and all its tax revenue types history.
  • Business Taxpayer portal includes dynamic “New Application” sign up and multiple department approval providing a full audit trail and eliminating employees keying data.
  • Business Taxpayer portal includes full history access, the ability to display/print Business License / Permit.
  • Business Taxpayer portal allows business to file tax returns, attachments, calculations and submit payment.
  • Live Dashboards display collection, billing, delinquent and tax type specific data such as business filings, returns, extensions and more.
  • Ready to Use Interfaces to import GIS location data for our Google maps,  Mutliple Credit Cared / eCheck/ ACH Formats and POS equipment.
  • Easy Excel Template Data Conversion Tools to import your existing data and get started clean and accurate.
  • Creative taxpayer delivery methods such as email / text / and mobile app eliminating over 100 phone call hours per tax season and reducing postage budget.