Alcohol License Collection Software

iGovServices has simplified Alcohol License and Restaurant License collection software making issuing a license or linking multiple Licenses (business, alcohol, restaurant, contactor, etc) with a master customer account friendly and flexible. The process can be based upon flat fees or dynamic “return” based value calculations. Whether your tax cycle files monthly, quarterly, or annually, the Alcohol License collection process makes it affordable for every community including counties, cities, and towns.


  • Allow Taxpayers to Renew online
  • Employees can assist Taxpayers while doing online Renewal
  • Customers can access/print off Alcohol Licenses from website.
  • Employees can edit/add information to existing renewals for audits and historical significance.
  • Online Renewals calculate all fees, penalties, and interest.
  • Enable Taxpayers to answer Forms and upload documents per filing.
  • Taxpayer has access to history online including filings, charges, receipts, and payment processing.
  • Unlimited classification types per Account
  • SIC / NAICS Coding
  • Real-time Delinquency and Missing Renewals Reports for Enforcement
  • Full Collection Reporting and GL Distribution
  • Mobile Enforcement Web Access
  • Reduce postage with automatic email/text notifications for filings and delinquents.
  • Produce Forms for Mail.
  • Synchronize with a Business License if required.
  • Produce a Printed License for Posting at Business

The software is priced affordably offering a municipality the opportunity to improve their Taxpayer services while maximizing compliance efforts.

iGovServices simplifies the complex task of filing and collecting various business taxes, including Sales Tax, Alcohol Tax, Payroll Tax, and Cannabis Tax. Our dynamic dashboards help you analyze data effortlessly, offering insights to drive your decision-making process.

We champion the move towards paperless delivery, with our online customer portal facilitating independent access for citizens. This portal allows for business filings, supporting document uploads, and secure online payments.

Our platform integrates with various solutions for direct transfer of supporting documents, eliminating the need for manual scanning and data entry. We also prioritize maximizing tax collection with features for reconciliation and auditing to ensure complete tax compliance.

Our secure, scalable Microsoft Azure cloud platform enables seamless payment processing through integrations with major credit card and e-check companies. To help organizations transition smoothly, we provide Excel-based import templates for quick setup and easy data updates.

With over 50 default reports and the power of customization through our partnership with Dev Express, we meet unique reporting requirements effectively.