Property Tax Billing Software


iGovServices Property Tax solution is an all-in-one property tax billing and property tax collection system for real estate property, tangible personal property, business property, vehicles, excise, securities, and boats. We designed a software system to maximize productivity, manage risks, and deliver expert-level results.

Property Taxes are often billed or collected by different departments and iGovServices possesses the unique features needed by property tax collectors such as:

  • City Level
  • County Level
  • Elected Tax Collectors
  • Sheriffs
  • Fire Districts
  • Indian Tribes
  • Independent Delinquent Tax Collectors such as Law Firms
  • International Emerging Government Agencies

iGovServices Property Tax Billing and Collection Cloud-Based Software includes all the features needed to be successful and deliver results.

  • Dashboards to analyze Billing, Collections, and Delinquents for easy audits of starting, collections, and ending values.
  • Assessment Import Wizard for annual and supplemental assessment data.
  • Integrated Mortgage features for tagging, bill files, and combined payment file / single check import.
  • Taxpayer public and private portals for history, bills, and receipts.
  • Email/text/web access to payoff statements and history saving 100s of phone hours and postage.
  • Complete Collection automation
  • Delinquent processing including automated penalty/interest and custom calculation rates.
  • Sheriff Tax Sale processing plus audit/case controls
  • Payment plans are fully automated

We encourage you to participate in a real demonstration with our team.

iGov Services Property Tax Cloud-Based Tax Billing Software Focus Points

  • The entire platform is integrated with real-time data sharing so easily visualize a customer or location and all its property tax history.
  • The business Taxpayer portal includes dynamic “New Application” sign-up and multiple department approval providing a full audit trail and eliminating employees keying data.
  • The taxpayer portal includes full history access, and the ability to display/print tax bills and payment receipts.
  • 3rd Party Agent portal allows mortgage companies, attorneys, and more to access special features for tax bills, payoff statements, and history.
  • Live Dashboards display collection, billing, delinquent, and tax type-specific data analytics.
  • Ready to Use Interfaces to import assessments, mortgage property tagging, lockbox files, GIS location data for our Google Maps, multiple Credit Card/eCheck/ACH Formats, and POS equipment.
  • Easy Excel Template Data Conversion Tools to import your existing data and get started clean and accurately.
  • Creative taxpayer delivery methods such as email/text and a mobile app eliminate over 100 phone call hours per tax season and reduce the postage budget.