Hotel Lodging Tax Collection

Also Known as Transient Tax, Occupancy Tax, and Bed Tax

iGovServices has simplified Lodgers occupancy tax collection software with the ability to link multiple records per customer account making tax collection friendly, flexible, and affordable. See the features included below and see how easy our process is!

  • Allow Taxpayers to File online
  • Allow Taxpayers to Link multiple records with one master Customer Account for organized filing.
  • Employees can assist Taxpayers while doing online filing
  • Employees can edit/add information to an existing filing for audits and historical significance.
  • Online Filings calculate all fees, penalties, and interest.
  • Enable Taxpayers to answer Forms and upload documents per filing.
  • Taxpayer has access to history online including filings, charges, receipts, and payment processing.
  • Unlimited classification types per Account
  • SIC / NAICS Coding
  • Real-time Delinquency and Missing Filing Reports for Enforcement
  • Full Collection Reporting and GL Distribution
  • Mobile Enforcement Web Access
  • Reduce postage with automatic email/text notifications for filings and delinquents.
  • Produce Forms for Mail.
  • Synchronize with a Business License if required.
  • Produce a Printed License for Posting at Business

The software is priced affordably offering a municipality the opportunity to improve their Taxpayer services while maximizing compliance efforts.

iGovServices Makes Hotel tax collection obvious for your municipality and your taxpayers. For 20-plus years, iGovServices has affordably moved towns, municipalities, and counties from spreadsheets to an organized solution that has empowered them to build stronger communities. Hotel transient tax is One of the more than 20 different types of revenues that iGovServices supports, under the 3 major categories of. Property. Treasury. and Utility.

If you are one of the many municipalities using spreadsheets or access to track your hotel lodging tax, we are sure you find it challenging to answer some basic questions, such as the number of on-time filings, and the number of payments. missing filings, and delinquent accounts. Built on the scalable Microsoft Azure backbone, for stability and reliability. iGovServices can be scaled from towns to counties handling hundreds of thousands of billings per year.

iGovServices integrates with all the major Credit Card Processors and General Ledger Accounting systems, creating an end-to-end solution. Our standard Excel Based import templates allow organizations to be operational quickly with their data. It also allows organizations to update the data it receives from various sources both internally and externally.