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iGovServices Tax Collection Software Services

iGovServices tax collection software is equipped with all technical services necessary for municipal software success.  These services are offered by implementation partners and directly with the iGov team to ensure a full cycle service experience.

Key Municipal Software Service Points

All-inclusive tech support includes toll-free phone/remote assistance support and product updates for one simple price. All communication is tracked so nothing falls through the cracks.  Check out our help site.

Projects include:

  • Software
  • Training
  • Data conversion
  • Form development (if desired)
  • POS equipment (if desired)
  • Proven interface layouts
  • Outsourced printing options
  • Full Setup of Rate code to insure you start fast and successfully
  • Full Setup of General Ledger accounts in revenue so your reports and accounting update is easy and successful.

We approach each and every project like an airline pilot.

An airline pilot? Yes, an airline pilot!

When you walk on that plane, look to your left, and see the pilot or co-pilot going through the checklist, it instills confidence in you that they are ensuring nothing will be missed. Even if they didn’t check everything, the plane would probably make it to its destination, but still, they check everything again. Knowing that the plane just landed and everything was fine, they still check.

That is how we at iGovServices approach each and every project like an airline pilot. Our checklist guides us through the process to ensure that nothing is missed. We have implemented hundreds of systems over the years but we still ensure we don’t miss anything by using our checklists.

Services Provided by Technical Support:

  •      Toll-free phone assistance
  •      Full user documentation
  •      Full training documentation
  •      Secure download center
  •      Online knowledge base
  •      Online submission and issue resolution
  •      Remote access assistance
  •      Free online “How to” videos
  •      Weekly email support tip

Project Management

iGovServices refuses to take a chance on your success. A formal Project Management process exists to ensure that you successfully pass through the getting started process and are up and running in the appropriate amount of time. The minute you become a client, a Project Manager is assigned to you. This individual’s sole purpose is to provide clarity to your project and ensure you are operational in the agreed-upon timeline. The Project Manager monitors a detailed project guide that is used for every project. This detailed project guide guarantees that all project elements are accounted for and key individuals are always informed. The guide and Project Manager establish all key dates with you, ensures they are adhered to, and reports to you with progress reports of the tasks at hand. Depending upon the size of your project, the Project Manager may be onsite at your location overseeing facets of the project such as data conversion and training to ensure the highest level of quality and clarity are available to you.

Data Conversion

When looking for expertise in data conversion, iGov Services should be considered your leading provider of intelligent data conversion solutions. Our vast experience in data conversion spans three decades and millions of transactions.  We have experience in banking, health services (state and local), government, utility public and private, real estate, and more.  We have worked with countless setups including mainframes, minis, PIC®, Unix®, Windows®, Oracle®, Sybase®, MS SQL®, MySQL®, AS400®, DOS®, and many other proprietary configurations.  If conversion is a consideration for your project, you will want us on your team.

Crystal® Report Development

Every iGov Services application is equipped with over 60 standard reports and exports to Excel to analyze the financial impact on your organizations.  iGov Services has designed and integrated reports using Crystal Reports to offer its customers the most robust and dynamic reports and formula driven forms.

Onsite and Online Training

The key phrase attached to iGov Services training is “Empower the user.”  Our style of concept-based training (learning from the inside out) has had a tremendous impact on the overall successful client experience.  Whether training is performed onsite, online, or both, the content that every user learns is consistent.  Following complete “how to” training guides (every trainee receives a training guide), each user learns why the software behaves the way it does.  This empowerment creates a better-informed user and someone who will enjoy interaction with the software.  iGov Services has found that these users are also more active in the improvement process of the software because they take ownership of the programs and want to see them grow.  This is the positive impact of concept-based training.

Outsourced Bill Printing

How much time do you waste printing, tearing, folding, and stuffing your bills?  As the price of postage continues to climb, it is time for you to take advantage of iGov’s Bill Print services.  The Bill Print service gives you all of the convenience of printing yourself with none of the overhead. You will save…

  • Money by eliminating preprinted forms
    • Money on postage fees
    • Time by mailing bills within 48 hours
    • Time by sending E-bills
    • Employee time

Remove the pain of printing.  The printing service includes everything even return envelopes that enable you to affordably remove the printing and mailing burden.  In combination with iGov’s Bill Generation service, clients can improve office efficiency and reduce costs considerably.

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