Hardware Specifications

Microsoft Azure

Our clients now have the choice to host through them selves or with us. Our company now uses Microsoft Azure to host our fully web based software product for customers. Microsoft built a cloud hosting service that made it easier to store and access all your data through one platform. Each user will have their own account that we can help  create and take live across platforms. Clients will be able to personalize their site to suite their needs. Hosting on Azure allows applications to be created anywhere since it is serverless. We keep you on budget with smart techniques and help you create a cost effective solution for your business.

The benefits of iGov Services hosted on Microsoft Azure:

  • Microsoft Cloud 99.99% uptime
  • Google Mapping of Properties
  • Automatic Backups
  • Fast Bandwidth
  • Secure SSL Encryption
  • Access from any Internet Device
  • Taxpayer portal for property taxes, business taxes and utilities
  • 3rd Party Access eliminating over 100 hours of phone calls
  • Multi secure employee access from anywhere with Google Captcha
  • Android and Iphone Mobile iGov app
  • Integrated Credit Card and echeck customer payment options with convenience fee so City collect 100% of revenue
  • Access for “In the Field” employees
  • eBills and eReceipts saving thousands in postage
  • Online Business Filed taxes and eBusiness License delivery / reprint
  • Software Product Updates
  • Full Tech Support and Training Video Access in the software
  • Process all your revenue through iGov

*some features only exist on iGov Azure hosted platform.  Customers hosting iGov on their own premise may experience limitations and additional fees.

iGov Services Hardware Specifications
The proper server and database make a performance difference.

The current version of our web based software is hosted by Microsoft Azure. In 2020, with the full release of our web version, we will give customers the choice to host them self or with us.

Here is the setup submitted to us for a mid size city enjoying very responsive performance.  You do not have to use exact models.  These are examples for your hardware professional.

The server can be set up as a Virtual Machine (VM) that is a 4 core processor with at least 16 GB memory. The Virtual Server is running on a Dell Poweredge R610 host machine that can be running other virtual machines on this specific host.  You do not have to use Dell.

Allocate 150GB of disk space to handle the OS and MS SQL.


You can — USE SQL EXPRESS – If you have less than 5 users SQL EXPRESS is free but you have to install the proper version and it limits you to a 10 GB database.

MS SQL Server 2012  thru 2017 are good to go – You should be using this as your database product. You will have to purchase licenses from Microsoft (or your hardware vendor). Municipalities can receive a better price buying direct. We do not charge you for the licenses. Buy as many as you need/want from Microsoft.

Note: The latest service pack is recommended for optimal functionality.

Installation on the above Operating Systems on properly configured virtual environments like VMWare, Citrix, and Microsoft Virtual Server is a supported configuration.

Supported Database Platforms

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 thru 2017 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Note: The latest service pack is recommended for optimal functionality.