Delinquent Tax Collection Software in Real Time

Delinquent Tax

Manage Delinquent Tax data from this real time Delinquent Tax Dashboard.

Govcollect enables you to collect more revenue because it is easy to stay on top of delinquent tax accounts. Every type of delinquent tax revenue is displayed allowing you to take collection actions.

Govcollect Delinquent Tax Actions include:

  • Graphs with full drill down data
  • Export Delinquent Tax Data to Excel, CSV and more
  • Apply Penalty and Interest with the push of a button
  • Print Delinquent Statements
  • Email Delinquent Statements
  • Unlimited Penalty and Interest Rate Setup
  • Custom Penalty and Interest Rate Calculations

IF you are a collection organization, you can IMPORT delinquent tax files. We have multiple attorney offices using Govcollect to manage the Delinquent Tax Process.

  • Delinquent Real Property Tax Collections
  • Delinquent Personal Property Tax Collections
  • Delinquent Utility Tax Collections
  • Delinquent Business License Collections
  • Delinquent Occupational Tax Collections
  • Delinquent Lodgers Transient Tax Collections
  • and much more

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