3 Person Office

For smaller cities or counties grappling with the challenge of managing an immense workload with a lean team, iGovServices presents a timely solution. If you’re swamped with a sea of paperwork, countless documents, and a seemingly insurmountable list of tasks, then iGovServices is precisely what you need.

We’ve developed a tax collection software system with your unique needs in mind, one that will transform your office’s productivity. Even a three-person team, which is often the reality for smaller municipalities, can navigate this system with ease. Our software emphasizes efficient task management, enabling a small team to achieve what would typically require far greater manpower.

Our system is designed to streamline all revenue management tasks required by your municipality. This means less paperwork to sift through, fewer phone calls to make, and more time to focus on what truly matters – serving your community. By integrating all revenue types into one user-friendly platform, we alleviate the strain on your team and make your operations more efficient.

With iGovServices, even a small team can yield big results, managing the tasks of a larger office through a single, powerful, and intuitive system. We’re here to make your work life easier and more productive, regardless of the size of your team.

Revenue Types Available: